Agosto 16, 2007

e’ve been friends for almost half of our lives
As the years past by it becomes stronger from time to time
But I never thought that this feeling of mine
More than what a friendship can ever define
I cannot stop my mouth
In saying this words without a doubt
I LOVE YOU! More than you’ll ever known
I LOVE YOU! More than I have ever shown

But everything happen doesn’t in a good way
Because of what I’ve said you’ve just feel betrayed
The most hurting thing that happened is when you finally said:
“Can we just be friends?”


(August 14 2007)
Thank you for being you
Thank you for being true
Thank you for being my eyes when I was blind
Thank you for being my ears when I was dept
Thank you for being there
Thank you because I know you care
Thank you for bring the light into my cold and dim night
Thank you for making my life so bright
Thank you for helping me change my wrongs into right
Thank you for all the wonderful things that you do
THANK YOU! The only word that I can tell you


(08-23-07; 08:00-8:30)

You’ve brought the light
Into my dark and cold night
You’ve always give me hope
For me to stand up and fight

You’ve came into my life
Like a thief in the night
You’ve came into my most difficult and
Unexpected time of my life

I was loosing my hope during that time
But you’ve bring it back to mine
I was so helpless and alone
But you’ve give me help to carry on

You’ve given me strength
So I could stand tall
And you’ve promise to be there
When I fall

No matter how hard
The future could be
I know I can make it
Cause you are with me


(agust 08 2007; 9:40-10:16)

You give me courage just like a fighter
You give me strength when I feel weaker
You give me light into my darkest hour
You give me love like no other

You showed me respect just like a master
You showed me kindness just like a brother
You showed me the way to the Father
You showed me loved like no other

You make me feel that I was stronger
You make me feel that I’m becoming better
You make me feel that I was fuller
You make me feel loved just like no other