I’m Edison a simple man from malabon city in the Philippines. People call me Edd, Eds, Spongie and most of the time by my first name Edison. I am a proud christian. I found Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior when I was still at the age 8 years old through a bible study in our area. The lord spoke to me that time and from then on I have received His precious gift – the eternal life. After a few weeks when I found a church near in our place I started attending Sunday school every Sundays. Every time that I go to church I feel that I’m closer to God. Specially during the praise and worship time. I feel that I’m very in love with Christ. As young boy life wasn’t been easy to me. At the very young age I’ve experience a lot. Insult, lies and persecution from my “friends”. At that early age I’ve experience all of that. As I grow up, I still go to church and keep on growing on my faith. (Thanks to Sis. Jane my Sunday school teacher and my mentor) When I was in high school (first year high school to be specific) I studied in the province and stay in a convent with my Aunt. During that time I was set a far from my family and to the Church were I’m attending. That was the start of my “Back slide” days. I wasn’t able to find a christian church on that place and I need to submit to the authority of the nuns where I was living at. By the way I wasn’t able to mention that my Aunt is a nun. After three months when I was fully decided that I don’t want to study in the province I went back to manila where my real home is. That time I am ashamed to go to the church where I was attending and my “back slide” days continues. I started going home very late. I started to go out with my friends who are unbelievers. Hang out until morning and to get drunk. I can’t imagine my self when I look back during those times. It was a nightmare for me I don’t want to remember anymore. Thank God for my mentor. She was so persistent on winning be back. She encouraged me me and train me. She let me realized how God has been good to me. She reminded me about the love that Jesus has for me. That He needs to give his own life for me. She reminded me about the love that I had for Jesus and most of all She told me that it’s never to late to stand up again. She is a gift from above for me. And now I am continuing on my Faith. And I continue to feel the love of Christ for me. I can still feel the joy of being with him. I am still patiently waiting for the hope that he can bring. I am now a Sunday school teacher and I continue to share to my students what I have experienced from God’s love for me. I’ve created this blog hoping to inspire people in my smallest way. I want to share how great is the love of God for each and everyone. He alone is Faithful and True. He will never leave you nor forsake you and He will live forever and evermore.

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