The Worst Earthquake in 200 years

Enero 27, 2010

January 12 2010, tuesday afternoon. The worst earthquake in 200 years with an intensity of 7.0 in magnitude – struck less than ten miles from the Caribbean city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A lot of people died. A lot of people suffered. Children lost their parent and parent lost their kids. As of now most of them don’t know how start living their lives again. In this kind of circumstances our help and prayers is a great help for them to see some hope to move on.
I am very sad to hear about this news. Sometimes we ask God why these kinds of things happens. Why does He allow it. Like me I know the you also have a lot of questions in your mind. But one thing the made me realiazed. Everything has it’s own purpose. We make not figure it out right now but when that right time came all that we can do is to thank him and praise his Holy name.

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