I'm not sick!

Setyembre 23, 2009

Finally I’ve got the proof that I am not sick. Last week I went to the clinic to verify my pending requirement in the company where I belong right now. The resident physician told me that I need to have another X-ray because the result of my previous medical exam positive with minor TB (tuberculosis). Aside from that she also told me that I need to have an ENT and OPTA clearance. According to the results that she received from the clinic were the pre-employment medical examination happened I have impartial color blindness. It was really funny because I know to my self that I have a clear vision and I’m not color blind. After three days I went to the hospital to have my exam. The ophthalmologist was laughing at me because she also couldn’t believe the result of the said medical exam. She is fully convinced that I am not color blind even impartial color blindness. To make sure and to verify that I am not color blind she let me gone through Ishihara Test. She was not surprised when I got a perfect score on the said examination. Then I went to ENT department for my hearing test and I also got a good result. My hearing is normal. After two days I went to the X-ray laboratory to have my X-ray. I ask my sister to get the result in the afternoon. When she got home I examine the result and according to the finding my lungs were clear and by heart is normal. In short I am healthy! And to day I got the official medical certificate that certifies that the previous finding from the previews clinic is wrong. Thank God for giving me the peace of mind to not worry about these kinds of things. I know to myself that I am healthy and it was proven. Thank God for the patience and the self-control that He has given.

To Him be all the glory Honor and praise!


It's a Date!

Setyembre 21, 2009

It’s around 8:00 in the morning when my phone rang. It was missed call from my friend. After a few minutes I received a text message from her. She is asking me if we can go out. It was a holiday and I’m on graveyard shift. In short I was available so I said yes. I went to our meeting place 15 minutes earlier than our call time. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because I was very excited. It was the first time that we went out together after more or less 4 years. We been busy with our studies and we frequently see each other when we were still studying. When we graduated we were busy with our own jobs. That why I was excited on that said date. We just went to the mall and we just when “veooke”. After playing in Time Zone we went to a bookstore. We spent almost have of the day searching for good books and reading them. It was the first time that I went to a bookstore that private reading is allowed. They even have a place were in you can read those wonderful books. This day is really awesome. It was really fun and I enjoyed the time that we have spent together. I missed her so much that she made my day complete. On that day we had the time to talk about everything that happened to us. We also talked about our high school classmates and friends. Most of all we have talked about personal matters. She told me that it was almost a month when his boyfriend broke up with her. It was really sad. But the truth is there is an unexplainable joy in my heart. There is a hope that has been awakening with that news. I’m, really confuse right now on what is that feeling all about. However I am sure of one thing and I know that this is what matters most. I am HAPPY!

Who should be Embarass?

Setyembre 13, 2009

This is an interview withTaylor Swift regarding the incedent in an awrds night with Kayne West. Kayne West was really rude. He doesn’t have a breeding! In this particular incident Taylor Swift is the victim. The one that should be felt embarass is none other done KAYNE WEST!