Last May 31 2009 we had our joined Youth fellowship with some of the young people from Welfareville Bible Church. During that day it was raining so hard that I thought the fellowship will be posponed. Because I thought that they will not come anymore. But praise God because they did though they were wet. Theere were more or less 15 fo them who came. Some of the expected people were not there but it didn’t stop us ro enjoy and celebrate the goodness of our Lord. I was the who was in charge for the devotion. Though it took me 40 min to finish that devotion. I can’t even call it a devotion. it’s more like a sermon. But praise God because they still enjoyed the word of God. After the fellowship Sis. Mabel prepared some dinner for evrybody. everyone enjoyed eating bared hands. It was a very fun day. And a very fun Rainy night.
Praise God for verything!


Last May 27 2008. We had out over night youth Fellowship held at Ptr. Sonny’s house. Thank God for there support this event was very successful. There were twenty young people came to this event. The program started at 10:00pm of May 27 2009. We prayed then this had our praise and worship. Everyone enjoyed singing praises to our almighty God. We felt the work of the holy Spirit. We are united in our goal. and that is is to Glorify the Lord. After that kuya Ramil shared the word of God. HE shared to us that we are one body and Christ is the head of this body. Since we are one body we should work as one. As a body we need each part. if one part is not doing his part the whole body will be affected. After the message. Ate Mabel prepared some snacks and everyone enjoyed it. though I;m not able to taste it. heje.. but on there faces I know that it was good. Then after the break we introduce the name of the team. I discuss to them where did we get the name “Meizon Team”. After that we had our open forum. The open forum was great. at least we now know our areas of improvement. and in God’s grace we change all the negative things that is in us. Then of course we had our bonfire. It the first part of the prayer time. I as the young people to write down the sins that they have committed in the past, the things that are important to them and the people whom hurt them. then we burned those paper. This symbolized that we are allowing God to control our live. and above all he is the only God that we will serve. At 5:00am we had our paper time we pray for the concerns of everyone. and before we live Ate Mabel once again prepare something for us. She prepared breakfast for everyone. All in all the event is successful. I can’t explain the joy that I have right now. Thanks to all the young people who came. Thanks to Ptr. Sonny and Ate Mabel.

This the Sykes Year End Party 2008. Tinatamad na ako mag type. So let the Pictures Speak up if nag ¬†enjoy kami o hindi. But seriously I’ve enjoy it for some reasons.
Mommy MJ, Eric, Timmy, Me and Anne
Andrew, Rad, Eric, Me, Mommy MJ and Some wavemates ate the back

Tres Marias Zai, Anne and Cecile

The day of Freedom

Mayo 15, 2009

May 15 2009. This is my last day in my jod. As usual I’m feeling blue right now. This is the usual feeling that I feel everytime that I loose or resign from my job. Who would not the same way? NO job means. No money means. N0 money means. No leasures. However at the same time I have this unexplainable happiness inside me, everytime I become vacant. This is simply because I have more time for myself, more time for my family, more time in the Church, more time in ministry. Therefore more time for the LORD. When I was still working. I miss everything. I thought I was a prisoner. I can’t do the things that I want to do. I donn’t have much time for my family, for myself and even to the LORD. I felt that I am a living dead. A zombie! The living dead that is useless..

Therefore this day is what I called the day of my freedom. Every time that I loose a job.I always tell myself that it is not the end of the unniverse for me. For God has always a better plan for me. Just like he says in Jeremiah 29:11.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD “They are plans for good and not for dissastert to give you a future and hope”

So I have confidence in the Lord that no matter what I do and no matter where I go. He knows whats best for me and HE will bless me as long as I keep my faith in HIM.