I can write you a poem
But what would I say?
I can compose you a song
But would it be brighten up your day?

I can make you a favor
But would it make you stay?
I can wait for you ‘till eternity
But would you still remember me along the way?

Now that you are leaving
Please remember that I’m still waiting
This day will be the beginning
But it will never have an ending

While my heart starts on mending
I will never stop on believing
That someday I will see you again
In a very beautiful place called heaven


You are

Hulyo 12, 2008

You are


You are the song
That my heart is singing
It is you who gives it
Melody and rhythm

You are the rainbow
That gives color to my life
You are the morning sunlight
That touches my face every time I wake up

You are the moonlight
That guides me every night
You are my guardian angel
That God sent to be my guide

When does My Heart Breaks?

I don’t want to see you crying
I don’t want to see you hurting
You know that my heart is breaking
Every time I see thinking Of that man whom you are loving

I wish I could wipe away all your pain
That falls from your eyes every time it rains
I wish that i could give you the happiness
That I know he’s the only one can give you

Though I can’t stop your tears from falling
You know that I’ll always be by your side by just calling
I am your shoulder that you can always lean on
And your friend that will always help you to carry on